The result of managing your conversational omnibots with Zwerm is an invaluable conversational brand.

Powerful Management Suite

Zwerm provides an instant management suite for your bot conversations. Test and monitor your conversations in real time. Take over or train your bots and analyse the metrics to ensure your customers' happiness.

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Extensive Analytics Insights

Analyzing and optimizing omnibots regardless of how your bots are built. Our analytics insights based on Elasticsearch and Kibana provides top of the line access to your data.

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Conversation comprehension

Understanding how your customers have conversations with your organisation. Which words are used or what approach leads to a better outcome is invaluable.

Learn to understand and test your omnibot.

Full control of your data

Since the end of the "Content is King-era" we are now fully embedded in the "Data is King" timeframe. Owning and controlling your data is more critical than ever. Having that control allows you to grow your organisation.

Read how we treat your data.

Experiment in OPEX

Running experiments is both vital for your organisation as well as very costly. Extrapolating business results based on half baked experiments is however not viable. Zwerm enables you to run conversational experiments with fully rounded products within your OPEX budget.

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