When engaging with your customers you need to leave no stone unturned, no channel not attended to.

Multi Channel Publication

Engage with your customers wherever they are. Zwerm manages your conversation channels so you can focus on servicing your customers. Connect to a variety of channels through the unified API. Know that we have your back when it comes to managing your messaging channel features and get to market faster. Focus on building your customer conversations delivered over web, mobile or social messaging platforms and leave the heavy lifting up to us.

Universal Channel Optimizer

Using all your senses enriches a conversation, but not all channels provide the same features to communicate. But tailoring rich media conversations to every channel is time consuming and complex. Zwerm's Universal Channel Optimizer takes the guesswork out of it and optimizes your conversation across every channel. Unsupported message types are automatically converted to the best available format.

Automatic Text To Speech

Real conversations go hand in had with the spoken word. Where an image says a thousand words, a spoken conversation is even more powerful. Zwerm's text to speech gives your brand a real identity by enabling your omnibot to talk to your users, greatly increasing the use cases of your customer engagement.

Open Source Web Client

Do you need to develop your own web interface to improve your customers' engagement? Take our open source web client, adjust it or deploy as is. It comes with plenty of features right out of the box.

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1 Minute Web Widget

Deploying on a website, intranet or in an app? Use our web widget with its extensive customization features to create a fully branded experience without the work.


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