The core of Zwerm is the toolkit you've always dreamt off.

Conversation routing

You need to communicate with a user across multiple systems for the sake of quality, privacy, cost or convenience. Routing a user's conversations between your bot engines enables you to direct them to where their experience is served best. Conversation routing enables you to use specific technology to suit a single use case at extremely high quality or to compartmentalize roles and permissions on a technology level.

Single Unified API

Developing applications connected to a lot of API's is powerful but expensive to maintain. Dependencies' updates don't ever come conveniently. Our unified APIs let you connect to channels, engines and integrations while knowing we will make sure they keep working across versions. Focus on integrating with one API for hundreds of functions.

Cross Channel User Identification

Identify users irrespective of the channel they come from, just like in real life. Understand who they are on Facebook, in Skype, your website or even in store and optimize your services to them. Gaining their trust by knowing who they are and what their preferences are makes for a great experience.

Conversation data store

All the data of the conversation at your fingertips, every step of the way. Automatic augmentation with all the relevant data we can provide makes for an easy to use platform without unnecessary calls to maintain.

Conversation data retention

With the lines between human and machine conversations blurring, retaining a record of conversations is important from a legal and compliance perspective. This is even more important where transactions are involved. A full record of your entire conversation can prove to be very valuable. Certainly if you want to run big data analysis on them. How would you do that without the data?


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