Developing your omnibot with Zwerm offers you more flexibility, less vendor lock and more interesting development work.

Contextual Data Structure Insights

Seeing what data is available to your system's components which leads to any given result or effect makes both your development as well as your debugging easier than ever.

Event & Conversion Tracking

Build into your bots events that matter to you, and track the steps in your customers' conversation that will benefit them. Trigger conversions to support your KPI to gather relevant data and enable your AI to develop a better understanding of your process and ultimately improve on it.

Extendable open source SDK

Using our web widget is one thing but truly embedding your conversational AI into your organisation's applications is next level. Leverage the power of our extendable open source SDK to support your development and build applications that have a deeper conversational integration with your customers.

Pre enriched conversation data

Getting more than you bargained for is always a treat; that is why we add all the data we can find to the conversations so you don't have to go and look for it. We gather, interpret and provide relevant additional data to enable you to make more decisions faster.

Identity and access management

Separating your organisation's roles and their permissions for your conversational ecosystem can easily be established using Zwerm's IAM application and our authentication and authorisation framework based on OAuth. It enables you to integrate with your organisation's permission system to remove the cost of permission management.

Enterprise Scale Integrations

Integrate with both small and large cloud based providers. Whether you want to connect to CRM powerhouses like Prosperworks or Salesforce, Project management giants like Jira or Asana, Accounting forces like Xero or Quickbooks, even behemoths like Amazon's Web Services and Microsoft's Cloud Services, nothing is out of reach.

Want to start developing with ease?