Developing your omnibot with Zwerm offers you more flexibility, less vendor lock and more interesting development work.

Optimize Development Speed

Develop faster using our single unified API to integrate at enterprise scale. Use pre-enriched data to trigger events and track conversion and make debugging easier using contextual data structure insights. All based on extendable open source SDK's and rigorous identity and access management.

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Rapid Omni Channel Engagement

Easily deploy your conversations to multiple channels, without having to develop each channel separately thanks to Zwerm's Universal channel optimizer. Deploy through third party channels or have your conversation through your own channels using our open source web clients or easy to install web widget.

Read about our extensive big data metrics.

Comprehensive Conversation Routing

Have the freedom to refine your bot's performance by creating multiple bots to use the best service for the task. Route users between your bots to optimize their experience.

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Conversation Data Retention

Since "Data is King" having access to your raw conversations is paramount to your success. Owning and controlling your data is not just a legal requirement, it is also more critical than ever. Having that control allows you to make decisions on how you grow your omnibot applications.

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