Make your life easier with an AI management platform

No one likes an angry customer, and if your chatbot is the cause, there is now a solution.

Bots are great

AI bots are great for companies: they’re efficient and save time and money. They don’t, however, match the complexity of the human brain. And like us, they get it wrong sometimes.

Lets say you’ve recently switched to using a bot to answer questions customers have about your product. For simple questions, about things like the basic features of your product your bot is managing really well. It directs customers to where they need to go or who they need to talk to.


However, when your customers start asking more complicated questions, or even asking more than one question at once, your bot can’t respond properly. The bot is forced to ask repeatedly for the customer to simplify their question so it can understand what they’re asking, but by doing so it isn’t allowing them to ask their more complicated question at all.

Zwerm, our saviour

Zwerm is a new and innovated AI management platform that is sure to make corporate life easier for you. It provides the ability to monitor conversations as they happen in real time, and take over from the bot if needed.


This preventative method ensures that your customer service staff can provide assistance when questions are too complicated, or when the bot doesn’t know where to direct the customer.

By preventing the problem before it is even is a problem, you can make sure that your customer’s experience is streamlined and effective.

By keeping the customer engaged and making the bot easy to communicate with, it is far less likely that your bot is going to make your business appear shortsighted. Hence strengthening your brand image and also preventing the worst case scenario, of putting customers off dealing with your company in its entirety.

By being able to add input and guide the conversation where needed, you can safely identify areas of needed growth and development for your bot. All without losing the interest of your customer!

AI management in its element

Artificial intelligent bots are relatively new to most businesses, so there’s bound to be a few speed bumps. No matter how big or small. That is where Zwerm comes in.