Developing your omnibot with Zwerm offers you more flexibility, less vendor lock and more interesting development work.

Customer Service Take Over

Making sure your bot serves your customers is one thing. Helping your users when it fails is a completely different one. Zwerm adds a customer take over service to your bot on connecting it. This enables you to instantly get people to resolve those situations where your bot is not yet up to scratch, confirming your commitment to excellent customer service.

Testing and Conversation Comprehension

Making sure you understand an ever increasing amount of bot conversations is near impossible. Zwerm provides you a channel independent method of testing your conversations ensuring you have the best possible understanding of how your bot is conducting itself.

Real Time Conversation Monitoring

Listening in on your users' conversations is very valuable. The ability to see and follow the conversation as it unfolds allows you to quickly jump in, direct the user or improve your customer service in real time. No fixing but preventing.

Extensive Big Data Metrics

Since "Data is King", having access to your raw conversations is paramount to your success. But having Zwerm's extensive big data metrics is even more powerful. Using the power of Kibana and Elasticsearch, we provide an insight into your data that will supply all the required information to improve your customer service.

Teach your bot

Running experiments is both vital for your organisation as well as very costly. Extrapolating business results based on half-baked experiments is however not viable. Zwerm enables you to run conversational experiments with fully rounded products within your OPEX budget.

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