The Other Side: Are chatbots hurting your business?

Chatbots have been taking companies by storm, and most of what we see is why they’re so great. However, what we don’t see, is how they could be hurting your business.

The other side

Sure, they save time, they are cost-effective and can deal with unlimited requests all at once. It’s easy to be blindsided by the benefits. However, when making a big decision for your business it is important to also think about the potential negative impacts.

Firstly, bots are still continuously being developing and modified, and although are complex in their own right they do not match the complexity of the human brain. And there is bound to be a few mistakes that could actually cost you a customer.     

Chatbots can be incredibly useful in answering some questions, often on the more basic side of the scale such as product pricing. However, there are some customer-experience roles they just can’t handle. And those roles happen to be extremely important.

The reality is that bots are just a series of computer programming. They have no personal experiences or emotion to be able to relate to the customer and their needs. And this right here can be a huge downfall for a business.

I like the idea of chatbots, but how do I avoid these aspects?

I’m glad you asked. One way to counteract the potential negative impacts of chatbots is to employ an AI management platform, such as Zwerm.

With a management platform, you can watch over all your bots from one convenient location. And, on the off chance your bot can’t adequately answer a customer’s query, you can jump in and take over.

Chatbots are a great development, and they are extremely beneficial when used as a compliment to humans. And that compliment should entail a management platform.