World leading new AI chatbot platform launched

Our digital world has been improving over the last decade faster than most of us can run. There are new developments in the artificial intelligence sphere happening everyday. The most recent, however, has been developed in little old New Zealand! Contrary to popular belief, we don’t just farm sheep and beef. We also dabble in artificial intelligent chatbot platforms.

Well, Zwerm does at least.

What in the world is Zwerm?

Zwerm is a new cutting edge product that has been developed by Zwerm Limited. Most of you know about chatbots, (virtual robots you can have a conversation with), but Zwerm is something special. Something more.

It is a platform that can manage a swarm of conversational robots. This allows organizations to rapidly improve their customer engagement through robots, from one single platform.

Essentially, this is a platform that manages all types of channels that are using chatbots. What Hootsuite is to Social Media, is what Zwerm is to conversational artificial intelligence.

The alternative is having to deal with multiple bots, over a bunch of different interfaces (no thank you!)

Sounds pretty appealing, doesn’t it.

Here’s a bit of trivia for you: ‘Zwerm’ is also the Dutch word for ‘swarm’, which is a pretty fitting term, if you ask me.

But how exactly does Zwerm operate?

Well, Zwerm eliminates the need for companies to spend their valuable time and money solving these issues themselves. It supplies a comprehensive platform that provides a management suite. That is one, unified application programming interface (API) allowing conversational AI robots to communicate across a wide range of channels. It can even integrate with over 1000 systems!

Why us?

Conversational bots revolve around making it easier and cheaper for organizations and customers. And because experts are developing robots with increasingly sophisticated natural language processors, they are becoming more and more complex. So what better way to make it easier on yourself than to get Zwerm to do all the heavy lifting for you?