Zwerm, bot force management to reshape enterprise customer engagement

New Zealand’s first public platform to manage a swarm of conversational robots, which allows organisations to improve their customer engagement using robots rapidly.

Wellington, August 15th, 2018 – Zwerm Limited released an “artificial intelligent bot management platform” called Zwerm. Zwerm enables businesses to focus on conversations with their customers, while Zwerm takes care of the heavy lifting of implementing a conversational AI strategy.

The wide range of use for robots using conversational AI revolves around making it easier and cheaper for organisations to communicate with customers on a one on one personalised basis. As robots develop with increasingly sophisticated natural language processors, they are becoming more complicated and interdependent.

Zwerm eliminates the need for organisations to spend valuable time and money solving these issues themselves. By supplying a comprehensive platform that provides a robust management suite, a single, unified application programming interface (API) that allows conversational AI robots to communicate across a wide range of channels and integrates with over 1000 systems Zwerm decreases the cost and increases the speed of moving New Zealand businesses into the next era of engagement.

About Zwerm
Zwerm Limited, founded in 2018 provides Zwerm as an independent product. Zwerm, which is the Dutch word for ‘swarm’ is a pretty fitting term, with the abilities to manage the full range of components that go into a conversational AI robot as one.

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